A Pathetic Poet’s 11 Attempts at Haiku

Haiku is basically a Japanese style of poetry which comprises of a three-line format with 17 syllables arranged in a 5-7-5 pattern focusing on some aspect of nature, preferably a fleeting moment, and usually suggestive rather than informative. A Haiku in English, however, vaguely refers to any short poem in English following the Japanese pattern to a greater or lesser extent. Haiku is both adored and hated for its brevity of expression by different sections, though that has not stopped many well-known English poets such as Ezra Pound and Richard Wright among others trying their hand at such an art and well, scripting resonating lines in the process.

I, though a pathetic poet, adore Haiku and have also made an humble attempt towards the same. Hope I do not torment too much of your being, here are 11 of my Haikus.

1. Prophecy


2. Moon


3. Death


4. Madness


5. Strength


6. Trestles


7. Breeze


8. World


9. Firefly


10. Winter


11. I


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N. B.  The background image is sourced from here

Arunabh Debendranath Konwar


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