It had not rained for days.

A young boy – over delighted –
Went out to play once again,
Thanking the sun, kissing his bat;
Today he has to score a hundred.
He looked up at the sky
It was blue without a cloud;
It had not rained for days.

It’s been twenty years,
The player is long gone.

He – a man – now crouched,
His hands over his head,
Eyes on the distant fields
Where his crops for water begged.
He looked up at the sky,
It was blue without a cloud;
It had not rained for days.


Thank You for Reading.
© A. D. Komwar | | 2016


34 thoughts on “It had not rained for days.

  1. When you are an adult, reminiscing the sunny days of your childhood requires a great deal of courage because you are so down trodden with the sufferings that the merry moments of the past makes you jealous of your own.
    Brilliantly done.

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    1. Thank you for reading, first of all. Answering your question, I, myself, am not sure of what my work is based upon. All I could say that wheenver I’m inspired to write something I just pen it down. The inspiration could be anything from a little anecdote to a wild fantasy or a boring lecture or some interesting novel and speaking specifically, the inspiration or rather the thing that evokef this poetry was a clear blue sky I saw looking up one that day. Just that.

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      1. Yes I’ve written actually but somehow, to be honest, I don’t like to share about my personal emotions too much because it kills all of its sanctity for me. It’s a personal dillema actually that I only let such writings to be seen when they are veiled enough. 🙂

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      2. No, I don’t think so if you don’t think so. It’s a personal matter about how one feels about one’s own writings and it differs from one person to another. For me it’s such and such and for you it might be the contrary or a whole different thing. Having said that, I do not judge Literature on the prejudice that I have towards my writings and thus will always judge yours or any others writings on the merit and not jump to conclusions on my prejudices about my writings.

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