What makes a HOUSE a HOME?

If in the six or so months that I spent away from home at a college hostel in Jorhat, the one thing that I truly learned is the difference between a ‘house’ and a ‘home’. Well, of course, hostel life has its own plesures and not to demean them or to take anything away from the same but to present another perspective I have to say that a home is an alltogether another reality. Maybe it’s the air of your native town or the stench of its dusty streets or that there’s people whom you take for granted waiting for you at your home. You only realise that you shouldn’t have taken them for granted when you are up at 2 in the morning in some dark room on a small bed getting homesick. Ironically, staying away from home has taught me its true meaning.

Here’s my home:



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17 thoughts on “What makes a HOUSE a HOME?

  1. If your home is where your heart belongs, stay when and however you can, if your house is not a home, sleep on its beds clean it until your heart aches for a home, then it will always be home no matter how you look at it.

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