An Acrostic Poem

‘Acrostic’ is a beautiful and established form of poetry which I stumbled upon yesterday and am pleased that could implement it today itself. The following poem metaphorically titled ‘Home-Sick’ is about a specific person and this poem in itself is a tribute to the same. There are some poems you write for the world to critique while some you write for your own peace. This is one of the latter and hence, I do not care even a whisker how it is judged by anybody else. However, I do hope to be there to witness when she finds her home but she should also be wary that not finding it doesn’t make her less whole. I believe she is strong enough that she will be always be complete if she wants to under any circumstances. Anyways, enough of that, here’s the poem:


Another day has culminated,
Night shall commence now;
Never have I been so excited
In listening up and around:
Everything else doesn’t matter to me now.

Bartering her life’s abundance
All for thoughts of despondence,
‘Revelled’ she in her guarded halls;
Utopian her world never was but –
Are any of our worlds utopian?
‘Home’-sickness is what we suffer.


All Rights Reserved.
© A. D. Konwar | | 2016


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