Translation: A Poem of Your Absence

A Poem of Your Absence


If you are there, your presence is in some place, particular,
If you are not there, your absence is in all around and over.

‘In seeking you vain here and there
have I learnt to find you everywhere.’

[presence is an image of absence in itself]

You dwindle with the sun that sets at dusk
and as street lights in flicker, then kindle,
You stir the air with the Sumon’s songs
and at the ryot’s strikes, shun into a still.

With Gohain sir’s latest ridicule,
you leave me in splits, laughing.
In a pained note of soaking sad a heart
did you, a life’s measure of joy and despair,
stored, on me concede then. Oh, you! Oh, you!
The black money of your memory being
laundered into white – the notion in which I deal.

… and when in anguish, I pull my hair out,
in fits of fury, I smash the goblets of glass,
shred newspapers and, paintings, I rip apart.

Actually, in dismantling everything, I seek you, and, only you;
From the pillars of stone has the devil’s god but disappeared.

Translated: Arunabh Debendranath Konwar

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