25 Assamese Idioms,Phrases and Proverbs Translated into English

Recently, I happened to stumble upon a blog post which showcased a few gems of African proverbs translated into English and to be honest, I was simply amazed and dumbfounded at the beauty. At the same moment however, I couldn't help but wonder that my mother tongue, Assamese, the sweetest of languages, had a few … Continue reading 25 Assamese Idioms,Phrases and Proverbs Translated into English


Modernism in India

At the bus-stop, a few weeks earlier, : Bhaskar? : Khurideu, How are you? : I am fine. Long time no see. How are you, son? You seldom come to the neighbourhood now… : Well, Aunty… You know with Himangshu gone and his wife left alone. It doesn’t look well. :  Hmm… Going to Guwahati? … Continue reading Modernism in India

What makes a HOUSE a HOME?

If in the six or so months that I spent away from home at a college hostel in Jorhat, the one thing that I truly learned is the difference between a 'house' and a 'home'. Well, of course, hostel life has its own plesures and not to demean them or to take anything away from … Continue reading What makes a HOUSE a HOME?

In pursuit of ‘Ideal’ Friendships

‘Friend’ is a word that is so simple in meaning yet understanding which is so very complex. It’s a word which evokes rare emotions which are powerfully real in a manner that their illustrations are so abstract leaving one spellbound and powerless. It is a word on which I’ve longed to ramble since the day … Continue reading In pursuit of ‘Ideal’ Friendships