PhotoBlogging – #3 Bliss

Bliss, a simple, simple word describing a state of complete happines. I wonder when I had it last in its truest sense but these kids unburdened by the complexity of the word are sure in bliss. All Rights Reserved © A. D. Konwar | | 2016


PhotoBlogging – #2 Water

When Bruce Lee in one of his most popular quotes urged us to 'Be like water', he was more than correct; for it is this water that has the capability of both sustaining and decimating life. Water arises out of the combination of two atoms of of Hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, which any … Continue reading PhotoBlogging – #2 Water

PhotoBlogging – #1 Street

I was never a street-smart and by the looks of it, I guess I never will be but that does not stop me from capturing the street at its liveliest which is an altogether different planet teeming with people trotting in its stench or aroma minding their or somebody else's business, the shopkeepers by its … Continue reading PhotoBlogging – #1 Street