Living on a Loan Black is not what I am supposed to be, I am red (or red is what I used to be); They say I took birth in the blood of sin, They say he ploughed through my basin, Others say it was the other Rama; My birth is some sort of a … Continue reading


Beng Bo Translation

1. Weave o' mistress, weave o' weave, Heed for once to your master's words; Your master's words or his mother's taunts, His mother's taunts or his sister's looms, His sister's looms o' his sister's looms! Heed for once to your master's words, Weave o' mistress, weave o' weave. 2. A maiden like you your mother … Continue reading Beng Bo Translation

Stories Set in Stone

The ground trembles the slightest, The base stands strong, The peak quivers a bit; The mountain sheds a pebble To acknowledge the shift. Down rolls the pebble Towards his mother – Earth. The raging winds ease his fall As he stoops to gentle winds; Halts by his fallen kin. Meets his brother long departed; He … Continue reading Stories Set in Stone

An Acrostic Poem

'Acrostic' is a beautiful and established form of poetry which I stumbled upon yesterday and am pleased that could implement it today itself. The following poem metaphorically titled 'Home-Sick' is about a specific person and this poem in itself is a tribute to the same. There are some poems you write for the world to … Continue reading An Acrostic Poem

It had not rained for days.

A young boy – over delighted – Went out to play once again, Thanking the sun, kissing his bat; Today he has to score a hundred. He looked up at the sky It was blue without a cloud; It had not rained for days. It’s been twenty years, The player is long gone. He – … Continue reading It had not rained for days.