Edward Lear – The Queer Life of a Man of Queer Words


It is often said that a person who knows how to hide his sorrow becomes a comic and the one who knows how to show it becomes a poet. For the nineteenth-century Victorian era humourist Edward Lear, it was a merry melancholic mixture of both. Edward Lear, the twentieth child out of the twenty-one children … Continue reading Edward Lear – The Queer Life of a Man of Queer Words


Flash and/or Short? – I

I February the second It is my birthday, today, perhaps. It is so easy to forget when the only reminder of time is time itself. It’s been seven days since the day we should have died and two since he also died. It would be funny if I die today; poetic justice, perhaps? Ah. Poetic! … Continue reading Flash and/or Short? – I

Beng Bo Translation

1. Weave o' mistress, weave o' weave, Heed for once to your master's words; Your master's words or his mother's taunts, His mother's taunts or his sister's looms, His sister's looms o' his sister's looms! Heed for once to your master's words, Weave o' mistress, weave o' weave. 2. A maiden like you your mother … Continue reading Beng Bo Translation

A Tribal Journal – 1

1 – Present “Spring is here and with it, its irony,” Prerona began her journal entry that night. Pellets of blood oozed through her hands and sad strings of letters under it. She looked at her wounds. Little red openings on a tanned skin screamed for attention. She was used to ignoring. She had cut … Continue reading A Tribal Journal – 1

Book Review: The Alchemist – The Epitome of Over-Ratedness

  I usually do not do book reviews because I am not intelligent enough and not well-read enough to comment in public about some dozens of years of a writer’s life empathising how hard it could be to write a book but having read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, I could not stop myself from … Continue reading Book Review: The Alchemist – The Epitome of Over-Ratedness

Stories Set in Stone

The ground trembles the slightest, The base stands strong, The peak quivers a bit; The mountain sheds a pebble To acknowledge the shift. Down rolls the pebble Towards his mother – Earth. The raging winds ease his fall As he stoops to gentle winds; Halts by his fallen kin. Meets his brother long departed; He … Continue reading Stories Set in Stone