The Birds Do Not See The Bottom Of The Well

The faint moonlight through the clouds tints the overgrowth a slight blue. The grass rustles around their feet. The scythe blades of grass cut through the two men’s feet as they run through it. Dew sticks onto the ends of their pants from the green. In the distance, hurried footsteps echo through – sounds of…… Continue reading The Birds Do Not See The Bottom Of The Well

Through the Bioscope: Cinema and Caste

“I have seen caste very clearly. Who you sit with in a classroom depends on caste, who you go out with for chai depends on caste. The person you enter in a relationship with, depends on caste. I have lived in a village for 21 years. Caste is everywhere….. […]…. Indian cinema is an elite,…… Continue reading Through the Bioscope: Cinema and Caste

Translation: Enekoiye Kenekoiye Kotau

Enekoiye Kenekoiye Kotau (How do I thrive, thus and thus) Kobironjon Saikia |Dedicated to the women who were raped by Indian Army at Ghumtigaon and Tegheria| The midday sun to my kernel’s core – poetry. Oh my mother dear beloved! On your bosom let me build my poem’s edifice, my spry poem of war. Have…… Continue reading Translation: Enekoiye Kenekoiye Kotau

Translation: Verses of Independence

Verses of Independence Kukil Saikia (Translated by A. D. Konwar) The rope on which your flag of freedom unfurls Is the one on which hangs your skint farmers. From Jallianwala to Bogidhala, From Lord Dalhousie to Modi, Blood drizzles onto this valley, Oppression and Treachery – The clouds that hang over; What do we call…… Continue reading Translation: Verses of Independence