Translation: Enekoiye Kenekoiye Kotau

Enekoiye Kenekoiye Kotau (How do I thrive, thus and thus) Kobironjon Saikia |Dedicated to the women who were raped by Indian Army at Ghumtigaon and Tegheria| The midday sun to my kernel’s core – poetry. Oh my mother dear beloved! On your bosom let me build my poem’s edifice, my spry poem of war. Have…… Continue reading Translation: Enekoiye Kenekoiye Kotau

Translation: Verses of Independence

Verses of Independence Kukil Saikia (Translated by A. D. Konwar) The rope on which your flag of freedom unfurls Is the one on which hangs your skint farmers. From Jallianwala to Bogidhala, From Lord Dalhousie to Modi, Blood drizzles onto this valley, Oppression and Treachery – The clouds that hang over; What do we call…… Continue reading Translation: Verses of Independence

Translation: Gyan Pujari

Original: Eta Premor Kobita – Gyan Pujari Translated: Arunabh Debendranath Konwar The moon is about to rise, Don’t sleep, o’ dear. The crescent’s just in the distance, Don’t sleep, o’ dear. A straw on your lips, Don’t sleep, o’ dear. The water’s flowing through, Don’t sleep, o’ dear. And one dead star, Don’t sleep, o’…… Continue reading Translation: Gyan Pujari

Translation: Geetapath/1

Geetapath/1 Bipuljyoti Saikia (Translation: Arunabh Debendranath Konwar) To stand still in a manner as this, O’ Parth, is a journey in its own entangled intricacies; you, in truth, are not in halt. Your world, around, is in motion, incessant; the tender buds, one day, dispose themselves as flowers in bloom and, children, even the more,…… Continue reading Translation: Geetapath/1

Translation: A Poem of Your Absence

A Poem of Your Absence Original If you are there, your presence is in some place, particular, If you are not there, your absence is in all around and over. ‘In seeking you vain here and there have I learnt to find you everywhere.’ [presence is an image of absence in itself] You dwindle with…… Continue reading Translation: A Poem of Your Absence

Finding a Broken Assam in the Aroma of Bokul

Reema Borah’s Bokul is a multi-layered narrative having at its centre – an old fisherman, a young rickshaw-puller and a single mother – all of them named Bokul, an aromatic flower. The three narratives pivot around Raktim, the protagonist of the film, who comes back to his homeland after a few years in Mumbai. Raktim…… Continue reading Finding a Broken Assam in the Aroma of Bokul

Beng Bo Translation

1. Weave o’ mistress, weave o’ weave, Heed for once to your master’s words; Your master’s words or his mother’s taunts, His mother’s taunts or his sister’s looms, His sister’s looms o’ his sister’s looms! Heed for once to your master’s words, Weave o’ mistress, weave o’ weave. 2. A maiden like you your mother…… Continue reading Beng Bo Translation

25 Assamese Idioms,Phrases and Proverbs Translated into English

Recently, I happened to stumble upon a blog post which showcased a few gems of African proverbs translated into English and to be honest, I was simply amazed and dumbfounded at the beauty. At the same moment however, I couldn’t help but wonder that my mother tongue, Assamese, the sweetest of languages, had a few…… Continue reading 25 Assamese Idioms,Phrases and Proverbs Translated into English